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All Inclusive

            Because of the difficulty of finding ammunition and the extreme cost of ammunition when it can be found, we have made this class All Inclusive. You may bring your firearm to class for the non-shooting training. When we go do the shooting part of the class you will be provided with a firearm, ammunition, hearing and eye protection to shoot with.

The Raven 1-5 CCW Class is different than other CCW Classes. Our class focuses more on the firearms training part. Rather than spend four to six hours in the class room being lectured on the laws, we provide the laws for pre-class reading, as well as the test on the laws. This allows us to go over the test during the in person class, and provides more time for explanations and answering questions that would normally be taken up by the reading of the laws. The majority of our class is focused on ensuring you have a better understanding of your firearm and how to use it.


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