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Women Only Courses

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Are you and your girlfriends looking for somthing exciting to do together?  Put in a request and we can host a ladies only course for you group


Standard Courses that can be conducted as a Women only class


Pistol 1 - Beginner Handgun:   4-5 hour class that teaches new shooters weapon safety, weapon handling, administrative loading and unloading, shooting fundamentals and shooting accuracy.

-Price:  $65.00


Pistol 2 - Intermediate Handgun:   5-6 hour class that builds onto the beginner class. The student learns tactical reloading, combat reloading, weapon malfunctions and increases shooting accuracy along with basic tactical move and shoot. 

-Price:  $75.00

Avoid, Aware and Escape-

This class is based on awareness and counter surveillance techniques that kept me from getting caught by bad guys while I was working undercover on a narcotics team for three years. These same techniques kept me alive in East Timor, while conducting counter insurgency and counter intelligence operations for four years.

-Price:  $30.00

Classes Covers:
 Introduction of instructors and class
 Basic safety precautions
 Counter Surveillance:   At Home
 Counter Surveillance:   Walking or Jogging
 Counter Surveillance:   At Your Workplace
 Awareness:   Public Venues
 Surveillance and Counter Surveillance:   While Driving
 Armed Robbery and Car Jacking
 Strong Arm Robbery and Purse Snatching
 Stalkers and Predators
 Active Shooter
 Escape



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