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Scout Tracker Course:   The Scout Tracker Course is a blend of Combat Tracking and Battlefield Forensics. The Scout Tracker can certainly track down and capture individuals but more importantly the Scout Tracker can collect Intelligence value information by locating, following and recording activities on a track-line as well as process and collect impressions and material/evidence found on the track-line.   


Law Enforcement Tracker-1 Course:   This course teaches students how to locate and follow a track-line and collect/record information and evidence found along the track-line. Students learn how to do this in both rural and urban environments as well as to track in low light/no light conditions. The students also learn how to use their tracking skills to detect Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).  “This course has been determined to qualify for AZ POST continuing training credit.” (40hrs)

$625 [ $125 per day]


Law Enforcement Tracker-2 Course:   This course is similar to the Scout Tracker Course. Students will increase their tracking skills as they learn how to track and secure with optics, tactical tracking, and tracking through anti/counter tracking techniques.


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