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Team Raven Course Packing List


Equipment List:

  • Battle Rifle (with three magazines)

  • Chest mounted magazine pouches (Tactical vest or Rhodesian type)

  • Rifle sling

  • Rifle Ammo:  min 650 rounds to complete course

  • Semi-automatic handgun (with three magazines)

  • Strong side hip or thigh holster

  • Belt mounted two magazine, Magazine Pouch

  • Handgun Ammo:  min 650 rounds to complete course

  • Eye and Hearing protection

  • Small barrel hand held flashlight

  • Compass

  • Map (Purchase from Raven One-Five, LLC)

  • Backpack (three day pack)

  • Camelback (or other means of carrying water in the field)

    • Bring at least 1 gallon of water, but 2 to 3 is better since we will be outside for most of the day during these classes.

  • Notepad

  • Pen

  • Permanent marker (Black)

  • Food and water for each day (Lunch will be in the field)

  • Sunscreen


Dress Code:

  • Boots that provide ankle support

  • Fatigue type clothing (Pants with cargo pockets and long sleeve shirt)

  • Ball cap or Boonie cap

  • Clothing for the weather (Cold, rain, etc.)

  • Gloves

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