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Personal Security-Individual


Personal Security for Individuals - This four-day course prepares you for an encounter with extremists. At home, on the road, shopping, the workplace or public venues, anywhere you are vulnerable to attack.

-Price:   $700.00        -Discounted Price:  $580.00      



Day 1:  Basic weapon handling and movement

-Basic safety and weapon handling

-Shooting accuracy

-Draw, engage, and holster

-Combat and tactical reload

-Weapon malfunctions

-Pivot and movement drills


Day 2:  Enter the world of tactical shooting

-Tactical movement and shooting skills

-Strategies and tactics to prevail in lethal threat encounter situations


Day 3:  Barricade and low light/no light shooting

-Learn how to shoot around barricades

-Skills for low light/no light engagements


Day 4:  Close quarter battle (CQB)

-Identify the threat level of individuals

-Escalation/de-escalation of a threat

-Active shooter

-Drive-by shooter

-Dealing with improvised explosive devices

-Hard-point tactics

-Counter surveillance and home defense  

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