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Carbine Courses   AKA Battle Rifle

[Semi-Auto rifle/carbine platforms]

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Carbine 1 - is a full day class. The first half of the day is weapon handling, zero the weapon and shooting accuracy. The second half of the day is reloading drills, weapon malfunctions, pivot drills and moving shoot.  See Packing List: Carbine 1 Packing List

-Price:  $130.00


Carbine  2 - is a full day class. First we will go through strong side weapon handling and shooting. Then we will get you proficient handling and shooting your weapon from your weak side. By the end of the day you will be operating as a shooter-pair and you will clearly understand why you must be able to shoot from your weak side.  See Packing List: Carbine 2 Packing List

-Price:  $130.00


Carbine 3 - Low Light/No Light Shoot:   This class is a first level low light shooting course. It is expected that students are already fluent with their weapon systems. The first part of this class covers weapon handling to ensure that the students can safely handle their weapons after dark. The second part is shooting drills in effectively engaging a threat in low light/no light conditions.  This class is run jointly with Pistol-3, if you have completed Pistol 1 and 2, you can complete the Night Shoot as a single class, combine packing lists.  See Packing List: Carbine 3 Packing List

-Price:  $80.00

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