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Awareness Courses

COUNTER TERROR-Aware, Avoid, and Escape-

     This class is based on awareness and counter surveillance techniques that kept me from getting caught by bad guys while I was working undercover on a narcotics team for three years. These same techniques kept me alive in East Timor, while conducting counter insurgency and counter intelligence operations for four years.

-Price $80

You Will Learn:

  • Basic safety precautions

  • Awareness:

    • At Home

    • Walking or Jogging

    • At Your Workplace

    • Public Venues

  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

  • Armed Robbery and Car Jacking

  • Strong Arm Robbery and Purse Snatching

  • Stalkers and Predators

  • Active Shooter

  • Escape: 

    • From Grabs and Holds

    • Strip Weapons away from Assailants

    • From a vehicle



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